Tracing Robert Jones (1774-1852)

I asked the York County Archives to go through the tax records for Windsor Township from 1800-1830 in an attempt to determine when Robert Jones (1774-1852, buried in Salem Cemtery, Lower Windsor, father of Henry who purchased our farm) may have moved to York County. He is the son of the first Robert who came from Scotland.

The tax documents are all published in February so the 1815 document is from April 1814 to February 1815.

From 1813 to 1816 Robert Jones is in the Windsor Tax Assessment as having owned 1 lot of land in "Millerstown," valued at $20 with a tax of $0.13. A "lot" of land is not a measurement, but it was probably about 1 acre.

In both 1816-1817 and 1817-1818 he is listed as owning 3 lots of land, appearing to be 14 acres, valued at $480 with a tax of $0.82 and $0.72.

On 7 April 1817 the York County Sheriff executed two sheriff's sales of Robert's seized land apparently in payment of a debt - one lot of 1 acre for $36.50 and another of 10 acres for $455.

Then in 1819 he is back to 1 lot, valued at $20 with a tax of $0.12.

So it looks like he started with 1 lot of land, purchased two additional ones, and then lost them. It's not entirely clear why he would have been assessed for the property from 1817-1818 if he only owned it for 2 months (more research needed). The property values add up pretty closely.

They found nothing from 1820-1823.

From 1824-1830 it is unclear if he owns any land, he is paying an "occupation tax" of $0.12 as a laborer and from 1825-1835 his children between the ages of 5-12 are appearing on the "poor children list."

Then on 9 August 1848 it appears that in a Sherrif's sale he purchases 31 acres of "woodland" for $49 "adjoining the lands of Robert Jones & others."

Lower Windsor was divided off from Windsor in 1838. In the Federal Census, Robert Jones is listed from 1820-1850 as being a resident of Windsor - perhaps he owned property on the township line in Windsor and purchased adjacent property in Lower Windsor. This would mean somewhere between 1830 and 1848 he had already acquired about 70 acres as his will states his property was 100 acres.

The "poor list" is a Pennsylvania statute where children 5-12 whose parents were unable to pay for their education could send them to a local school of their convenience a the expense of the county.

In the early 1800’s, two men, one named Charley Miller and other Phillip Jacobs, each decided to start a town. One place was called Millerstown and the others Jacobstown. They bought tracts of land and upon laying out their towns had disposed of the lots by a lottery. In October 1818, the Harrisburg Republican advertised fourteen lots in Jacobstown and forty lots and ten outlots in Millerstown for sale by lottery. This location changed it's name to Yorkanna in the late 1870's, and is directly up the road from the Canadochly Church that Robert and his family attended for at least several years. (http://www.lowerwindsor-area.org/?page=shop/disp&pid=page_LHist&CLSN_2452=1172545970 24529490ed7e0c058d1ddd)

So here is the potential narrative as I see it: Robert moves to York County around 1812 (at age 38) and purchases a lot of land from Charley Miller. He marries a Catherine (maiden name still unknown) around 1814. Their first daughter is born in January of 1815. Sometime in 1816 he purchases two additional lots of land. Perhaps he borrows money from Frederick Wittig, whose estate later sues him. 1817 is a bad year and he loses the two larger lots of land, which is is why he only has one lot in 1819. He works as a laborer on other people's property from about 1820-1835 when you do not find his children on the "poor list" anymore. Perhaps around 1835 he has had a few good years and purchases farmland in Windsor on the township border with Lower Windsor. He's doing well in 1838 and purchases some adjoining woodland in Lower Windsor. He dies in 1852, is buried in Lower Windsor and when Catherine dies in 1862 the 100 acres is sold off to Jacob E. Oberdorff.


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